A great way to offer vehicle access options. As seen in many car parking facilities, the barriers are often controlled via a timed induction accessory and therefore offer ease of entry or exit during chosen times as well as limiting access during restricted times.

Available in a range of lengths up to 9m, rectangular or round arm structure and the optional addition of skirt facility to some of the smaller barriers and illuminated sections along the barrier arm. All of these features can be discussed during order or site survey. All barriers can be operated using standard accessories such as remote control, key pad and entry phone.

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Road barrier

1. Road barrier

Road barrier

2. Road barrier

Barrier entry

3. Barrier entry

Car park barrier

4. Car park barrier

Chain barrier

5. Chain barrier

Chain barrier

6. Chain barrier

Nice Barrier - 1

7. NICE Barrier

Nice Barrier - 1

8. NICE Barrier

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