Electric Gate Underground Automation

The use of underground electric gate automation is invariably used for the discerning customer. Hiding the motor provides a simplistic neatness which makes this style of automation aesthetically pleasing.

The underground automation systems are available in both a 230v and 24v system. The 24v automation system offers you, the customer, more function flexibility such as

  • variation in opening / closing forces
  • single leaf opening for customers with no pedestrian access
  • slow start and slow stop facility for a more controlled operation
NICE - underground automation

1. NICE - underground automation

CAME - FROG underground automation

2. CAME - FROG underground automation

NICE - underground automation

3. NICE - underground automation

CAME - FROG underground automation

4. CAME - FROG underground automation

The underground automation is at the top-end of the market with regards costing and may use either a wood or steel gate design.

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