Questions and Answers for Residential Customers

Here are some points for our residential customers to consider when planning and budgeting for an electric gate installation.

Q. Do I need a swing gate or a sliding gate?

Electric Swing Gates
Think about any area restrictions on opening or closing of your gates. If there are no such restrictions then swing gates are suitable.

Electric sliding gates
A cantilever sliding gate requires no running ground track but does need a 33% area wider than the entrance when in its open position.

A tracked sliding electric gate
The length of open position of these gates is vastly reduced although you have a slightly raised track across your driveway.

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Q. Who will use my gate and how will they access it?

The main users usually have hand held remote controls.

Q. How will my family and close friends gain access if my electric gate is closed?

There is no restriction on the number of hand held remotes which can be used on any individual electric gate system. However there are security issues if you provide hand held remote controls to all of your friends and colleagues.

A more secure and generally less expensive way is to provide an entry and exit key pad facility. Friends and family will know your secure entry code and gain entry and exit via key pad facility. Your code must never be the same or similar to your house security or alarm codes.

Q. How do I know if someone is at my electric gate without having a prior invitation?

1. A simple sounder will alert you to the fact some one is at your electric gate entrance. However you will still have go to the gateway to see who t is.

2. An audio hard entry phone will allow you to speak to the gateway and open the gate should you wish. All hard wired entry phones have static inside stations (what does this mean?).

3. Visual entry phone systems allow you to see who is at the gateway as well as talk to them. These systems are hard wired and require static internal stations. Both mono and colour pictures are available with this system.
4. Wire free systems allow you to speak to the person at your electric gate and let them in by using a portable hand held unit. There is a restrictive distance issue with this system.

5. The GSM system is the new kid on the block for the electric gate industry. Using a simple mobile phone sim card to operate, you can speak to the uninvited caller and let them. In fact with its number diverting feature you let the caller in if you’re on holiday in the Algarve, Dubai or Australia - as long as you have your mobile phone with you!

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Price ranges

Generally our pricing structure for our residential customers over the past 3 years has
been approximately a net costing of:

  • £2700.00 gbp for supplied automation kits
  • an average of £5200.00 for supplied swing gates installed and
  • an average of £6100.00 for cantilever sliding gates.
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